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 "Coding In A Snap" Solutions

Essential Home Health Care Solutions provides "Coding In A Snap" Solutions as an accurate billing solution for home health care agencies. ICD-10 coding is a significant part of home health reimbursement. Our QA nurses will review every Medicare final claim before it is transmitted, to insure proper sequencing of ICD-10 codes that are appropriate for reimbursement purposes. Missing just one step could cost your agency valuable case mix points and reimbursement. Our staff has years of experience related to home health care, Oasis, and Medicare guidelines. Our coders are homecare Coding Specialists that are certified by the Board of Medical Specialty Coding in homecare diagnosis coding. In utilizing our services we offer an affordable, simple, convenient, time effective solution to your coding dilemmas while meeting Medicare's standards for homecare coding and billing. Our coders will review your Oasis, communicate with your nurses when required to determine proper sequencing of the ICD-10 codes, and return the Oasis within 24 to 48 hours of receipt. This will allow your agency to maintain consistent accurate billing while utilizing your nurses in the field instead of in the office. Our nurses are trained in several EMR systems. We also provide our Coding services via secured password protected electronic fax or password protected email submission for clients that have not currently chosen an EMR.  We will begin providing ICD-10 training courses utilizing our in house AHIMA Approved ICD-10-CM Trainers.

***Our QA nurses will assist your agency with all of its coding needs whether it is 1 Oasis or 20... WE code when YOU need it.*** 


* Oasis Coding * Coding w/Abbreviated Oasis Review (review of 22 M items) * Coding Audits 

  • Our QA nurses will review coding to insure that coding is accurate and appropriate for reimbursement.

  • ​Our QA nurses will review coding to ascertain that for every discipline with a billable visit on the claims there are codes to support the medical necessity of those visits.

  • Our QA nurses will attempt to identify coding compliance issues such as the misuse of manifestation coding and the inappropriate use of V codes.