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Essential Home Healthcare Solutions, LLC.

Home Health Care Start-UP Consulting Services:
  • ​​​​Assistance with State and Federal application for Licensure & Certification

  • Establish Business Profile - Board of Directors Agenda & Sample Minutes, PAC Agenda & Sample Minutes,  Organizational Chart, & Letters of Authority

  • ​Management Education - Compliance with Medicare regulations & CHAP or TJC, operational processes, mandatory meeting requirements, QAPI/OBQI regulations, mandatory health aide regulations, PPS Training, Adverse Events, required contracts, Out of Hospital Do Not Resuscitate rules, education related to processes to download Haven (Oasis software), & assistance with obtaining a temporary Oasis ID submitter number

  • Staff​​ education - Compliance with State & Medicare regulations, Admission/Discharge procedures, Oasis training, proper documentation, & HHABN's training

  • Establish Quality Assessment/Performance Improvement Program - Complaint log, Incident forms, Infection Control forms, Patient Satisfaction process & form, audit tools, Adverse Event investigations, mandatory inservices, & Annual QAPI Plan

  • ​Oversight of 10 patient charts for compliance with regulations

  • ​Forms, job descriptions, & oversight of personnel files

  • ​Mock survey (1) - Operational and Clinical aspects

  • Availability by phone​

** Policy and Procedure Manuals & forms individualized to your agency are available **

Monthly & Quarterly Quality Assessment:
  • Assist agency with Outcome Based Quality Improvement Process
  • Assist agency to identify and investigate adverse events and problem areas
  • Development and monitoring of needed Action Plans 
  • Establish with agency staff action plans for correction of identified problems
  • Audit and monitor active and discharged patient charts
  • Monitoring/trending/aggregating of all mandatory logs 
  • Review of downloaded OBQM/QBQI reports
  • Development and aggregation/trending of indicators with established targets
  • Review of Operations (Board of Directors, PAC, personnel, budget, etc.)
  • Staff in-services regarding new regulations and areas out of compliance
  • Monthly UR reports and recommendations to management
  • Provide Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan Manual
  • Provide Mandatory Yearly In-services & materials
  • Provide Monthly updates

​Annual Quality Assessment:
  • Assistance with agency Annual EvaluationAnnual QAPI Plan with identified indicators 

  • Annual QAPI Summary

  • Response to State Survey

                                                                       ​Consulting Solutions

Essential Home Health Care Solutions provides a variety of Consulting Solutions to home health care agencies, Hospice Agencies, Adult Day Care facilities, Assisted Living facilities, and Community Mental Health Centers and other health care related business. 

***** For information related to start-up assistance and consulting solutions provided for a Community Mental Health Center, Hospice agency, Adult Day Care facility, Assisted Living facility, Personal Assistance Services (PAS),  Primary Health Care (PHC), or Community Based Alternatives (CBA) please contact our office.*****

Home Health Consulting Services:

  • Accreditation Preparation

             CHAPS or TJC accreditation consultation

  • ADR or ZPIC Support

             Assistance with reviewing clinical records, writing

             letters summarizing patient eligibility, and educating

             your staff on specific documentation issues

  • Clinical Due Diligence:  Pre-acquisition

              We will provide a comprehensive pre-acquisition due

              diligence review to identify potential risks.

              * Operations audit, clinical and administrative 

              * Auditing active and closed medical records for 

                eligibility and documentation

  • Compliance Assessments/Mock Survey

              EHHCS will conduct a comprehensive assessment of

              specific risk areas and develop a plan to address any 

              problem areas. The survey will include the following:

             * Assessment of Administrative and Clinical processes

             * Audit of clinical records, active and closed

             * Review of patient eligibility and length of stay

​             * Audit of all levels of home health care provided

​             * Evaluation of compliance with State and Federal rules

               and regulations

​             * Review of practices in relation to the risk areas identified

               by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG)  

  • Corporate Compliance Development

              We will assist your agency in compliance education,

              policies, forms, and oversight, to create a pro active, open

              environment for your staff and patients.

  • QAPI Outsourcing

              Monthly and Quarterly Outcome Based Improvement

              assistance including agency development and implementation,

              of an effective data driven QAPI program with reports.                

  • Plan of Correction

             We will assist you in completing your Plan of Correction for 

             State and Federal regulatory issues and for CHAPS & TJC 


​Clinical  & Compliance Charts Audits

  • EHHCS provides clinical and compliance chart audits

             We are prepared to help your agency meet the Conditions 

             of Participation (COP's) for your certified home health agency.

  • We perform chart audits on-site or via EMR quarterly,  

             semi-annually, annually, or one at a time to meet your needs.

​Operational and Compliance Reviews

  • EHHCS will evaluate all of your processes from the intake   

             department through and including posting of payments for 


  • During the course of the evaluation, recommendations

             will be made regarding job descriptions, current duties, 

             documentation flow, tracking mechanisms, etc.

  • The evaluation will also include issues related to 

              regulatory requirements and organizational structure.

  • We will also review a sample of charts for documentation,

              Oasis consistency, and ICD-9 coding compliance.