Let Us Take You Beyond Numbers!

Essential Home Healthcare Solutions, LLC.

​Remote QA Solutions

Essential Home Health Care Solutions provides Remote QA Solutions as an affordable remedy for costly non-compliance. Our team of qualified professional QA nurses deliver compliance driven review of all agency documentation to assist your agency in maintaining regulatory compliance. We currently offer Remote QA services for Alhora, Axxess, Barnestorm, CradleMRx, ContinuLink, Delta Health Technologies, Healthcare First/Lewis, Homebased Homecare, Kinnser, and Tynet software subscribers. We also offer Remote QA services to agencies that utilize other software. Our nurses are trained on several EMR systems. Our Remote QA services are also provided to clients that have not currently chosen an EMR software provider and currently utilize paper charts. Paper charts are reviewed via secured password protected electronic fax transmission or secured password protected email submission. Your agency will be assigned a Project Manager that will work closely with your agency's Administrator/DON to ensure agency satisfaction. We have weekday and weekend staff to accommodate your agency's QA needs and to maintain our ability to work with your specific payroll deadlines. 

​Our program was designed with a guaranteed quota performance average of:

** Two (2) Oasis per hour

** Two (2) POC's/485's per hour

** Fifteen (15) Skilled Nurse Notes per hour 

**Twenty-two ( 22) Home Health Notes per hour.

We also review Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Medical Social Worker Evaluations and Notes.

Our program is setup for our QA staff to review your documentation in any combination that your agency needs. We assign one or more QA nurses to your account based on your active census. This allows the QA nurse to get to know your field nurses which is proven to benefit the agency and our staff. Our QA nurses return documents as many times as needed to instruct the field nurse and bring them into regulatory compliance. There is no charge for telephone and email communications with our staff. Our staff is driven by our vision to "Take You Beyond Numbers"  and ensure that your nurses submit only billable documents with required accurate documentation. Your field nurses will become more compliant and the number of items returned will decrease. Another benefit to your agency is that our QA nurses are a "neutral" voice and personality conflicts are eliminated. 

  • Oasis

​​Our QA nurses will remotely check your patient list daily for submitted documents. Our goal is to have all Oasis reviewed and returned if needed with 48 hours. The Oasis will be audited vertically, within the same document, and horizontally between previous certifications. The Oasis will be audited for supporting information for primary and secondary diagnoses, therapy, MSW, HHA, M numbers, medication profile, orders, supportive assistance, teaching (per regulations and is measureable), and supervision. 

  • 485/POC's

Our staff of QA nurses will check your patient list daily for submitted documents. Our goal is to have all 485/POC's reviewed and returned within 48 hours. The Oasis will be reviewed then the 485/POC based upon the Oasis assessment. The 485/POC will be reviewed to ensure: all Medicare required elements are present; functional limitations are consistent with the Oasis; DME is consistent with the Oasis; Diet is consistent with Oasis; Mental status is consistent with the Oasis; orders and goals are patient and disease specific; orders and goals are not repeats of earlier 485/POC's; goals and orders match frequency; wound care orders/IV/Foley changes are compliant with Medicare requirements; Rehab potential is Good or Excellent; and Discharge planning is compliant with regulations and is included. Orders will be checked for accuracy and Medication profiles will be reviewed for consistency and accuracy with medications and all orders. 

  • Skilled Nurse Notes

Our staff of QA nurses will review your SN notes starting on the Monday that we first begin working for your agency. The SN notes will be compared to the 485/POC for content and frequency; reviewed for completeness, and measurable teaching. Our QA nurses will review pertinent orders, when required. Orders will be reviewed for any required changes in frequency, wound care, etc. Consideration will be given to the Oasis for baseline information. Communication notes will be reviewed for informational purposes and consideration. If a SN note is returned for corrections when it is resubmitted for review the QA nurses will check for the required corrections and then pass the note. Our QA nurses count each SN note as "1" toward hourly production the first time the note is audited with expectations that it will be returned as corrected from agency staff and then approved by our QA staff. *** Should QA staff have to return a note more than 3 times for agency staff to correct, it will then be counted again toward hourly  productivity.*** 

  • Home Health Aide Notes

​Our staff of QA nurses will compare your HHA notes to the Home Health Aide POC and the 485/POC for frequency; and review the HHA note for completeness. The QA nurse will review the HHA Supervisory visit for compliance, frequency, and completeness. Our QA nurses count each note HHA note as "1" toward hourly production the first time the note is audited with expectations that it will be returned as corrected from agency staff and then approved by our QA staff. *** Should QA staff have to return a note more than 3 times for agency staff to correct, it will then be counted again toward hourly productivity.***